Utilizing Sophos SSL VPN / OpenVPN Startup Scripts


I’m travelling and can’t access my network drives! 😡

Have you heard this sentence from angry users? Do you still put the infamous ‘mapping.cmd’ or ‘NetworkDrives.bat’ on your users desktops and they seem to forget about it regularly? Do you want to automate everything that can be automated?

Then you came to the right place. I want to show you how I set up an automatic mapping, which obstacles I had to deal with and get you on the right track. You can adapt the steps from this post to all OpenVPN based VPN clients just as the Sophos SSL client.

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Deploying Windows 10 dynamically using different languages

OSD Language Selection-03

Recently I took part in a project where a client has several branch office locations in 13 different countries total. Two countries required a Windows display language other than English (en-US) and all the employees got physical keyboard layouts matching their countries standard layout.

As a result, I wanted to simplify the configuration of Windows locale settings, display languages, keyboard layouts and time zones. The plan was to set the languages dynamically before the OS deployment starts — to make the lives of my colleagues (and mine hopefully 😉) easier.

I could not find a solution which was working properly for Windows 10 1809. So I tried quite a few approaches and ran into many issues. It tempted me to just download all the different WIM files —  one for every language. Luckily I came up with a better approach and this blog post explains how it works.

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